Specialized wipes for

critical environments

Certified quality

for nearly 50 years


A complete system for critical cleaning featuring innovative carts, mops and wipes. It is engineered to work flawlessly together or alone to improve productivity, enhance outcomes and safeguard cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

A Manufacturer of Cleanroom Wipes for Critical Environments.

For nearly 50 years, FG Clean Wipes has helped customers maintain pristine working environments with our specialized wiping materials in industries ranging from cleanroom electronics manufacturing to USP 800 compounding pharmacies. Our time-tested manufacturing quality standards support today’s critical environments with our cleanroom wipers from woven and non-woven materials; both dry and presaturated alcohol wipes in validated sterile wipe options.

FG Clean Wipes is a member of the Filtration Group. As your global partner, we truly understand that the success of our customers depends on responsiveness, quality of product and continuity of supply. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide consistent high-quality cleanroom wipers for your business.