QUESTION: What is the best type of wipe to use alongside validated sterile IPA?

ANSWER: A validated sterile wipe–either polyester cellulose or polyester–depending on your application.

Validated sterile IPA is an excellent cleaning solution for a wide range of aseptic processes. Pairing validated sterile wipes with validated sterile IPA offers comprehensive cleanliness for sterile environments.

Validated sterile products are treated with a precise dosage of gamma irradiation that is continually monitored and tested for efficacy. A Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) verifies the chances of a viable microbe being present in a unit. Our validated sterile IPA and wipes have an SAL of 10-6, which indicates that there is only a one-in-one-million chance of a non-sterile product.

Both polyester cellulose and polyester wipes are available validated sterile, and each offers unique advantages. Evaluate your intended applications to determine which specific type of validated sterile wipe is best for you to pair with validated sterile IPA.

If you have a significant number of processes that require validated sterile wet wiping, presaturated wipes are an efficient option to consider. We offer validated sterile polyester cellulose, polyester and polypropylene wipes paired with validated sterile IPA in resealable pouches.

If you have any additional questions, please view our validated sterile products or reach out directly to our critical cleaning experts.