With lint-free alcohol wipes made for pipeline and gas applications

Our lint-free alcohol wipes are the pipeline and gas industry’s preferred and recommended electrofusion prep wipe.

Pre-saturated with 96% Isopropyl alcohol, these lint-free wipes are perfect for consistent, effective and safe electrofusion and butt-fusion welds.


  • Electrofusion prep
  • Butt-fusion prep
  • Joint cleaning
  • Fitting cleaning
  • Weld preparation
  • Critical maintenance


  • Single-use, easy-tear foil packages in two unique sizes
  • Spring-loaded pop-up canisters in two unique sizes


  • Ease of use for work stations and on-the-go field support
  • Industry recommended for electrofusion process
  • High alcohol concentration allows for even liquid disbursement and quick evaporation
  • Eliminates bulk liquid handling for degreasing needs

Quality Standards

FG Clean Wipes is a global pioneer in the manufacturing of wipes for cleanrooms. Quality is a prerequisite to everything we make. That means the dependability and performance of our lint free presaturated wipes are unmatched.