QUESTION: Is there something that every automotive original equipment manufacturer (AOEM) should do to reduce defects in paint lines?

ANSWER: Every facility is different, but most would benefit from expanding the use of tack wipes.

From the electro-coat through to spot repairs, tack wipes are used to prepare body panel surfaces in nearly every step of the vehicle painting process. But as we’ve learned from many AOEM plant tours in Europe and America, when you limit tack wiping to the vehicle itself, you miss numerous opportunities to reduce overall critical cleaning.

The tools and equipment that come into contact with the body in white (BIW) are prevalent carriers of the dirt and dust that cause defects. In fact, hangers and skids are some of the worst offenders—especially in the case of skids that are stored or transported outdoors. After a deep clean, tack wipe the hangers and skids immediately before they contact a body in white. You may be very surprised by the uptick in your first time right rates.

If you need a higher quality tack wiping product, check out our new line of tack wipes [link to product]. They’re designed to trap a broader range of particles than the typical tack wipe. But that’s just a potential quick fix.

The best way to reduce defects is to have a specialist in critical cleaning control tour your plant. An objective expert with a fresh set of eyes can find issues and solutions that you and your team may have missed. FG Clean Wipes frequently tours the plants of our AOEM customers—if you would like to increase your first time right rates, contact us today to discuss a process walk.