Sachet Packet

96% Presat Sachets (6-C43 | 6-C86-EFP)

These wipes feature a high concentration of 96% IPA on pure polyester , a low linting clean, pure, and durable nonwoven polyester wipe, in a single-use easy tear foil package or sachet. Designed for tough wet wiping in the field. The ultra-low linting substrate resists abrasion and 96% IPA cuts through grease, dirt and other contaminants—perfect for pipeline, gas and other demanding on-location applications. Recommended for ISO 5-8 controlled environments. The Alcohol wipes removes dust, dirt, oxides, and most contaminants from electronic equipment and most surfaces. Wipes are made with strong, durable hydro-entangled polyester fabric that will not tear easily. They are handy, convenient, economical and disposable. Single use wipes are perfect for cleaning work stations, counter tops, door knobs, conference tables, telephones, surfaces and more. These wipes are perfect for cleaning plastic pipe prior to electrofusion. They are widely used by utility companies. High alcohol concentration 96% allows for even liquid disbursement and quick evaporation and consistency in application of solvent. Great for industrial settings, pre-inspection wipe downs, and parts and equipment cleaning as well as tablets, phones, and anything around your desk and workstation.

  • 96% IPA / 4% DI water
  • Single-use easy tear foil packages
  • Clean, pure and durable nonwoven polyester
  • Ultra-low linting
  • Ease of use for workstations and on-the-go field support
  • Industry recommended for the electrofusion process
  • Fast and efficient cleaning
  • Light and compact to carry
  • Dries in seconds
  • Consistency in application of solvent
  • Reduced VOCs
  • Minimized bulk liquid storage
  • Safer to ship, store and use
  • Pipeline and gas
  • Mobile work in the field
  • Industrial settings
  • Parts and equipment cleaning
  • Pre-inspection wipe downs

4” x 3”
60 wipes/box, 10 boxes/case

8” x 6”
30 wipes/box, 10 boxes/case